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    Chuang Yu Plastic Co., Ltd. is a product research and development、production and sales of PVC, ABS ,Acrylic edge banding company.

    Products from the initial business furniture, kitchen and gradually developed into an furniture, kitchen, laboratories, teaching equipment, office, and other shaped decorative edge banding of the company .

    In recent years, the company began to focus on research and development of wood plastic environmental protection material, and formed a set of scientific research, production, sales for the integration of environmental protection decoration material manufacturing enterprises. Nearly hundred kinds of wood plastic injection mould and the corresponding supporting after processing equipment, professional variety meticulously for the customer, the quality of decoration class new materials. At the same time, should the customer request, cooperative development of different types and using situation of wood plastic material.

    We combine foreign wood plastic production technology, relying on years of experience in wood plastic research and perfect the wood plastic production technology, combined with years of plastic products processing technology advantage, as a pioneer in the promotion of new materials.

    More than 12 production lines assure signiflcant productive capacities and effcient services.

    The ability to adapt  ourselves to the markets needs and the deep technical knowledge allowed us to develop productive and innovative processes that gave us big advantages on a market by now ,standardize

    Every year More than one hundred million square meters of annual output of edge products are sold in more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. And exported to the Middle East, Europe, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Australia and other regions.

    We have the ability and strength, the design of a professional production team and perfect human services to achieve the customer's requirements is expected to achieve win-win situation!


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    ChuangYu-Solid edge seriesChuangyu solid series provdes avariety of innovative andnatural surface structure...